Natural Sleep Remedies That You Can Use Immediately

Natural Sleep Remedies That You Can Use ImmediatelyWhen you are having trouble going to sleep or staying asleep, it is good to have some go-to natural sleep remedies on hand. Making use of simple, natural remedies is soothing and comforting and can really help you get the sleep you need. Here are a few easy remedies you may already have in your home.

Quiet Music

Whether you are having trouble going to sleep or have awakened and can’t get back to sleep, being able to listen to some soothing music can really help unjangle your nerves and calm your soul. Be sure to have whatever music device you use close to your bed so that you can control it easily without having to get up. Be sure the music you choose doesn’t have any jarring sounds that will jolt you out of sleep after you begin drifting off.

Relaxation And Meditation Recordings

Listening to relaxation tapes can be very helpful. Select speakers whose voices soothe you and whose message buoys and supports your well being. Listening to a positive, supportive, hopeful message as you go to sleep can help you enjoy pleasant dreams and face the new dawn in a positive frame of mind.

Audio Books

You can catch up on your reading of the classics or enjoy listening to books you have already read and drift of to sleep easily! There are lots of wonderful audio books available for free download. Just search online for free audio books. Listen to the first few minutes of the ones that interest you to be sure the speaker’s voice is pleasant and enjoyable to listen to.

Don’t worry if you fall asleep soon after the book begins. The sound will help lull you to sleep, and you can listen to it as many times as you wish. Remember that you are listening for the purpose of sleeping, so it really doesn’t matter!

Practice Some Deep Breathing And Stretching

Whether you are getting ready for bed or wake up unexpectedly, taking a few moments to breathe deeply and do some gentle stretches can calm your body and help you relax into sleep. You can practice your stretches and breathing sitting up or lying down. If you practice your deep breathing and stretching in bed, you will not need to move around to get situated.

Go Gently Into The Night

As bedtime approaches each night, be sure to begin dimming your lights and quieting the activity in your home. End your evening with a warm bath and/or a cup of chamomile tea. Both of these old fashioned remedies will help you enjoy natural sleep.